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Generate initial configuration

Binary distributions

If you installed binary distribution (apt, RPM, ports, ...), initial configuration may have been prepared during installation: You can skip this section.

General instruction

With Sympa 6.2.70 or later, the following command will generate a configuration file sympa.conf containing the full set of parameters described in this manual.

# sympa config create

If you are using earlier version, or if you prefer to keep your configuration file as concise as possible, you may want to start with sympa.conf file containing only the following two lines:

listmaster your@e-mail.addr.ess,other@email.addr.ess


  • On Sympa prior to 6.2.34, wwsympa_url parameter was also mandatory. If it is the case, you may specify appropriate value at this time.

Additionally, following parameter may be useful:

To know about all available parameters in sympa.conf, see sympa_config(5).

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