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Configure system log

Sympa reports events and errors using syslog protocol.

Sympa configuration parameters

Instruction by syslog servers

Traditional syslog

  1. Create log file:

    # touch /var/log/sympa.log
    # chmod 640 /var/log/sympa.log
  2. Add following line to syslog.conf:

    local1.* -/var/log/sympa.log
  3. Reload syslog service.


  1. Run test command.

    • With Sympa 6.2.72 and later, run:
      # sympa test syslog
    • With Sympa 6.2.70 or earlier, run (Note: replace $SCRIPTDIR below):
      # $SCRIPTDIR/

    And confirm that following message will be shown:

    Ok, now check logs
  2. Check log file and confirm that following log line was recorded:

    sympa/testlogs[XXXX]: info main:: Logs seems OK, default log level 0

If something went unexpected, check configuration of syslog server.

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