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Configure HTTP server


Sympa configuration parameters

See "Web interface parameters" in sympa.conf(5) for more parameters for web interface.

And following parameter in sympa.conf may be useful:


Two ways to integrate

There are two ways to integrate Sympa into HTTP server:

The former is recommended. However, if you will never have plan to manage multiple domains, the latter is easier way.

You can not mix both ways. Following sections describe these two ways by each.

Virtual domain setting

  1. If path of MHonArc executable file is differ from the default of mhonarc parameter, /usr/bin/mhonarc, define it in sympa.conf. For example:

    mhonarc /usr/local/bin/mhonarc
  2. If directories for virtual domain configurations have not been created, create them (Note: replace $SYSCONFDIR, $EXPLDIR and below):

    # mkdir -m 755 $SYSCONFDIR/
    # touch $SYSCONFDIR/
    # chown -r sympa:sympa $SYSCONFDIR/
    # mkdir -m 750 $EXPLDIR/
    # chown sympa:sympa $EXPLDIR/
  3. Edit robot.conf created by the step above to add parameter(s) described in previous section:



    • On Sympa 6.2.18 or earlier, robot.conf had to contain additional http_host parameter, like:
      There is no reason to use http_host on later releases.
  4. Continue setting according to description in "Instruction by HTTP servers".

If you want to add another domain, repeat steps in this section by each domain.

Single domain setting

  1. Edit sympa.conf to add parameter(s) described in previous section:

    domain (...existing parameter value...)
    listmaster (...existing parameter value...)
    mhonarc /usr/local/bin/mhonarc     (If path is differ from the default)
  2. Continue setting according to description in "Instruction by HTTP servers" section.

Instruction by HTTP servers

These methods are reported to be applicable to Apache HTTP Server (2.4 or later), nginx and lighttpd.

Obsoleted methods

These pages describe the method using setuid wrappers (wwsympa-wrapper.fcgi and sympa_soap_server-wrapper.fcgi) which are no longer recommended.


  1. Start web browser on your PC or PDA.

  2. Open the URL (the URL you have configured). And confirm that home page of Sympa web interface will be shown.

If something went unexpected, check following information:

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