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Upgrading notes


Upgrading from Sympa 6.2.x or earlier

After release of 6.2, several changes on templates are made. If you have customized templates with earlier version, you should check if web interface will work correctly after upgrading, and reapply customization to new templates as necessity.

Following subsections describe changes by particular versions of 6.2.x. If you are planning to upgrade from version prior to 6.2, see also sections below.

From version prior to 6.2.72

From version prior to 6.2.70

From version prior to 6.2.68

From version prior to 6.2.62

From version prior to 6.2.60

From version prior to 6.2.56

From version prior to 6.2.54

From version prior to 6.2.50

From version prior to 6.2.48

From version prior to 6.2.44

From versions prior to 6.2.42

From versions prior to 6.2.38

From versions prior to 6.2.34

From versions prior to 6.2.30

From versions prior to 6.2.28

Renamed scenarios

Changes on css_path and css_url parameters

New configure options and parameters

New password hash format

It is not forced, but it is recommended to upgrade password storage format of web interface using bcrypt, more secure hash function. See "Upgrading password storage on earlier version" for details.

From versions prior to 6.2.24

From versions prior to 6.2.18

Upgrading from Sympa 6.1.x or earlier

Several changes in Sympa 6.2 require to perform specific operations when upgrading. Here is the ordered list of operations to perform.

  1. [Source distribution only] Check the options for configure script.

    • As some Sympa binaries have been renamed, your sympa init script have to be updated. Please make sure your configure options have been correctly set, so that this script ends up in the correct location. See "Run configure script" for details.

    • Options --with-sendmail_aliases and --with-virtual_aliases were deprecated. Use --with-aliases_file instead. Option --with-postmap_arg was removed.

  2. [Source distribution only] Run additional commands after make install:

    First, update dependent modules: See "Install dependent modules".

    Next, run these commands to upgrade configuration and user data.

    # --upgrade_config_location # move existing configs to /etc/sympa/ directory
    # --upgrade                 # merge sympa.conf and wwsympa.conf
  3. Commands after upgrade:

    These are always needed you are using either binary distribution or source distribution.

    • If you are upgrading to Sympa 6.2.72 or later:

      # sympa upgrade outgoing             # move messages stored in database to filesystem
      # sympa upgrade incoming             # move messages sent through web interface to the new format

      For details, read manual pages of sympa upgrade outgoing and sympa upgrade incoming.

    • If you are upgrading to Sympa 6.2.70 or earlier:

      #              # move messages stored in database to filesystem
      #              # move messages sent through web interface to the new format

      For details, read manual pages of and

  4. For all your custom action templates, move them into $SYSCONFDIR/custom_actions directory.

After the process above, the following changes will have occured:

Additionally, you may have to fix up configuration manually:

Upgrading from Sympa 5.4.x or earlier

Since there are big changes after 5.4.x, we recommend that recent version of Sympa will be installed into new machine, or at least will be installed under separate directory, keeping installation and data of earlier version.

  1. Stop services of earlier version, for example doing:

    # /etc/rc.d/init.d/sympa stop

    Then back up everything.

    Note that you should also backup init script of earlier version, because it may be overwritten by installing recent version (if you will install recent version to the same machine).

  2. Install recent version of Sympa.

  3. Copy configuration files and database:

    • Copy configuration files sympa.conf and wwsympa.conf in earlier version to recent version. Then edit them to fix up configuration (including name of database below).

    • Queued messages in spools of earlier version should be copied into the new location. Their formats will be changed later.

    • Restore entire database content as a new database (e.g. naming it as "sympa6" instead of "sympa"). Because, succeeding process will upgrade content and structure of database and those changes are not recoverable.


      • On this occation, you might want to check if database schema support Unicode-aware character set, e.g. utf8, UNICODE, AL32UTF8. Even if it does not, Sympa will work, however it is desirable. To know how to convert your database to be Unicode-aware, please consult to documentation of database server.
  4. Upgrade configuration and data:

    • With recent version of Sympa, run, for example:

      # --upgrade --from=5.4.7

      Note that 5.4.7 above must be replaced with the version number you are updating from. Doing this, configuration and database structure will be upgraded.

    • Upgrade format of web interface password in the database. See "Upgrading password storage on earlier version".

    • Check customizations of templates, scenarios and list creation templates on earlier version, and reapply them to recent version if possible.

  5. Start services of recent version (see "Starting services"), then check if everything goes well.

Upgrading from Sympa prior to 5.0

(Not yet written)

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