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Web interface for listmaster

Listmaster portal

If you logged-in and you are a listmaster, you can move to listmaster portal page by choosing “Listmaster Admin” item on the top menu bar.

Menu of listmaster portal

Menu of listmaster portal (mobile mode)

Thus, you can perform following admninistrative operations.




System log


Cascading Style Sheet

By this page, you can choose colors for web interface using the color editor. See “Appearances” for details.

Edit robot config

By this page, you can edit parameters in site-wide configuration file (sympa.conf) and in configuration specific to accessing mail domain (robot.conf) using web interface.


  • By default, this page is read-only: Parameters can not be changed. To enable changing, you have to customize web_tt2/edit_config.tt2 web template file.

List management page

Listmaster can manage each list by accessing its management page. The listmaster has privileges of the (privileged) list owner on each list.

To know about operations on the list management page, see the documentation for list owners and moderators.

Operating as another user

Using “Impersonate another User” function on “Users” page in listmaster portal, the listmaster can operate as if they are another user.

To switch back to listmaster, use “Restore identity” button on top menu.

"Restore identity" button on top menu

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