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Sympa::LockedFile - Filehandle with locking


 use Sympa::LockedFile;
 # Create filehandle acquiring lock.
 my $fh = Sympa::LockedFile->new('/path/to/file', 20, '+<') or die;
 # or,
 my $fh = Sympa::LockedFile->new();
 $fh->open('/path/to/file', 20, '+<') or die;
 # Operations...
 while (<$fh>) { ... }
 seek $fh, 0, 0;
 truncate $fh, 0;
 print $fh "blah blah\n";
 # et cetera.

 # Close filehandle releasing lock.


This class implements a filehandle with locking.

Class Methods

Instance Methods

Instances of Sympa::LockedFile support the methods provided by IO::File.

Following methods are specific to this module.


“Functions for filehandles, files or directories” in perlfunc, “I/O Operators” in perlop, IO::File, File::NFSLock.


Lock module written by Olivier Salaün appeared on Sympa 5.3.

Support for NFS was added by Kazuo Moriwaka.

Rewritten Sympa::LockedFile module was initially written by IKEDA Soji for Sympa 6.2.

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