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2018-001 Security flaws in template editing

2018-001 Security flaws in template editing

The Sympa Community
2018-07-03 (Update)


A fix is available for a vulnerability discovered in Sympa web interface.

Systems Affected

Problem Description

A vulnerability has been discovered in Sympa web interface that allows write access to files on the server filesystem.

This flaw allows to create or modify any file writable by the Sympa user, located on the server filesystem, using the function of Sympa web interface template file saving.


Possibility to create or modify files on the server filesystem.


Users who can't upgrade to the latest version have the following workaround solution: Disable access to corresponding function through the web interface.



Versions prior to 6.2 are no longer maintained. Users of these versions should upgrade to 6.2.32 to prevent potential attacks.

CVE Numbers




The security flaw this advisory describes was reported by Michael Kaczmarczik, UT Austin ITS, Systems Enterprise Services, working with the UT Austin Information Security Office.

This advisory was published with assistance by CERT RENATER.

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