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sympa_msg, - Daemon to handle incoming messages

SYNOPSIS ] [ -f--file=another.sympa.conf ] [ -k--keepcopy=directory ] [ -l--lang=lang ] [ -m--mail ] [ -h--help ] [ -v--version ]

DESCRIPTION is a program which scans permanently the incoming message spool and processes each message.

Messages bound for the lists and authorized sending are modified as necessity and at last stored into digest spool, archive spool and outgoing spool. Those bound for command addresses are interpreted and appropriate actions are taken. Those bound for listmasters or list admins are forwarded to them.

OPTIONS follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (--). A summary of options is included below. may run in daemon mode with following options.

With following options will print some information and exit.


/etc/sympa/sympa.conf main configuration file.

$PIDDIR/ this file contains the process ID of


sympa.conf(5), sympa(1).

archived(8), bulk(8), bounced(8), sympa_automatic(8), task_manager(8).

Sympa::Spindle::ProcessDigest, Sympa::Spindle::ProcessIncoming.

HISTORY was originally written by:

As of Sympa 6.2b.4, it was split into three programs: (later renamed to sympa) command line utility, daemon and daemon.

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