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Community has a new domain name

Community has a new domain name: Lists and web sites have moved

Dear users of Sympa mailing lists and Sympa web site,

Now The Sympa Community has a new domain name. We would like to inform you that the addresses of our mailing lists and URLs of web sites have changed.

If you need help

If you have any problems with the new mailing list server, please contact the list owner first.

To contact the list owner, go to the list home page in the web interface and click "Contact owner".

The mailing lists

The mailing lists about Sympa, which have been hosted by RENATER on their server, have been migrated to the new server on the new domain.

You do not need to do anything to move to the new mailing list. However, please note:

The addresses of the lists have changed

See "Mailing lists" page about the new addresses:

Note that older addresses are no longer usable. If you have these addresses in your address book, please update them.

Web interface is not accessible with previous account

You will no longer be able to log in through the federation. You will need to create a dedicated password to log in to the web interface of the new lists.

To create your password, go to the page of web interface, click [Login] button on the menu, and select the link "First login?".

New web site URL

The web site for the community of Sympa have moved to the new domain "".


The Sympa Community

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